There Are Natural Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

Spinach juice can help improve erection and reduce symptoms of erectile disorder. This healthy drink is rich in magnesium, which promotes blood flow. The juice of the pomegranate contains folate which is a nutrient known to support erection. The juice also contains antioxidants which improve blood circulation and may help to alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Study Says:

In a three-week study, 17 men suffering from erectile dysfunction consumed 100 grams of pistachios every day. The erection power, blood flow to the penis, and cholesterol levels all decreased after that. Spinach also has a positive effect on heart health and blood pressure, in addition to its anti-erectile dysfunction effects. Spinach is also rich in vitamins A and C which help to boost the body’s resistance against fatigue and stress.

Poor blood circulation is caused by a poor diet. The penis contains some of the smallest vessels in the human body. Unhealthy diets can cause these arteries to become clogged with cholesterol and fat, making erections more difficult. Hence, a high-fiber diet can help a person overcome erectile dysfunction. For men with erectile dysfunction, they can take Fildena 150mg tablet and Fildena 100 mg .

While there isn’t a definitive proof that spinach can cure erectile dysfunction, it will help you remain erect. Yohimbe is an herbal supplement that comes from the bark of a tree in Africa. Yohimbe can increase blood flow in the genitals, which will help you achieve erections. Yohimbe can have some side effects, and it is not recommended to people with heart or kidney diseases. It can interact negatively with antidepressants.

Natural treatment for erectile dysfunction

It may improve your health in addition to treating erectile disorder. Poor blood flow to the penis is usually responsible for erectile dysfunction. Foods rich in vitamins and mineral may improve the vascular and sexual system. These foods have many benefits. Certain foods may have a positive effect on erectile problems.

Spinach juice

Spinach juice is rich in L-arginine. This naturally occurring substance increases blood flow to the penis. The arginine boosts the production of nitric oxygen, a hormone which helps to keep erections for long enough to have sex. It increases testosterone, which improves the quality of erections. Remember, however, that spinach juice won’t magically transform you into a man.

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate Juice is another supplement that can help with erectile problems. Pomegranate juice is high in antioxidants, which support blood flow to the genitals. Animal studies have shown that drinking the juice of pomegranates can improve erectile function. Pomegranate juice also improves blood circulation and reduces osteoporosis risk.

The release of nitric oxide by the penile nerves to dilate penile arteries is vital for sexual performance. As men age, the production of this chemical decreases by 20% each decade. Men have lost 85% of nitric oxygen by the time they are in their fifties. Erectile dysfunction can affect men in their 30s.

Pistachio nuts

Pistachios are a healthy food that increases sexual desire and satisfaction. Pistachios are rich in arginine amino acid, which boosts nitric oxygen levels. Pistachios are also high in healthy fats, which improve blood circulation in the penis. Additionally, they improve sexual satisfaction. These supplements can help cure erectile dysfunction and improve your erection.


Watermelon is a source of compounds that are similar to Viagra. Watermelon increases sexual desire. It also contains phytonutrients which are antioxidants and relax blood vessels. Eating 8 slices of watermelon a day can be good for your heart and sexual health. Panax Ginseng is another anti-inflammatory food that can improve blood flow and lower lipid levels.

Beet Juice

Beet juice can also be used as a natural remedy for ED. Beets contain nitrates that may help increase cGMP and blood flow to the penis. You can dilute beet juice with apple, celery, carrot or orange juice if you prefer to consume it fresh.


Salmon can also help to improve your erection. This vitamin D-rich food promotes healthy blood circulation and a strong libido. Endothelial dysfunction can cause erectile problems. Vitamin D can help prevent this.


There Are Natural Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction