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The Most Popular Carpet Designs in 2024

Analyzing interior design trends for 2024, we can confidently state that carpets have become an essential component of the modern home. This year, the carpet weaving industry offers a diverse range of materials, textures, and colors, expanding the usage of rugs in home decor. Carpet is a versatile floor covering that not only provides warmth and comfort to the feet but also unveils new aspects of interior styles. If you want to create a special mood in a space based on a certain theme or blend numerous style components into a unified whole, the carpet will serve as a connecting link, creating a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable image. To make it easier for you to make the right decision and purchase a high-quality carpet, Online will inform you of the best collections from world-renowned manufacturers!

High pile carpets
If you’re looking for high-pile goods, you should check out the Hala Furniture carpet selection. The highest pile carpets offer the most value for money. For a low price, you receive a fluffy rug with a long, dense pile that is resistant to deformation and simple to clean at home. The goods have a laconic monochromatic design, come in rectangular, round, and oval shapes, and are available in a variety of sizes. Fleecy carpets are more than just an interior decoration; they make the space cozy and comfortable, allowing you to spend time, play with children, and unwind while sitting on a soft surface!

Velvet Carpets
The Hala Furniture line velvet is another popular choice among fleecy rugs. Velvet rugs, made from the best polyester, will offer you an amazing sense of softness and warmth! The pile is 2 cm high and has a fluffy plush feel, so if you want to buy a soft and delicate carpet, look at this selection. This collection is also utilized as wall-to-wall carpets. Customers frequently select velvet Room Carpet for living rooms and bedrooms because a cozy and warm floor is a key aspect in creating comfort in spaces where we relax and unwind. The velvet carpets are the ideal choice for your house!

Contemporary Rugs
If you want to buy a modern carpet, choose the special Ukrainian-made Art-line collection from the Kilim Art Studio! The series aims to provide modern, high-quality synthetic carpets at an affordable price. The makers were able to strike a balance between density, pile height, and performance attributes, resulting in an Art-line that is resistant to wear and deformation, does not fade, and is easy to clean at home. The Art-line collection’s models stand out for their attractive modern designs in trendy colors.

Contemporary Carpets
Kilimi online store recommends Moldovan woolen rugs for those who appreciate natural materials. The line is differentiated by a cheap price for both woolen products, as well as the availability of fashionable designs in a modern style, manufactured in a natural color palette that looks great in the home. Don’t forget that wool is a material that creates an optimum microclimate in a room, provides heat and sound insulation, and enhances the interior. As a result, if you’re searching to buy a wool carpet, our selection is the ideal option. You will be pleasantly pleased by the stunning pattern and high quality of these natural carpets at such a reasonable price!

Vintage-style carpets
When it comes to vintage carpets, you should look into the Kashmir collection of Turkish origin. Aged Kashmir rugs are constructed of fine polyester and resemble handcrafted silk. The fact that you may buy rugs online with a fascinating design is not their only advantage. The models in the collection are not only physically appealing, but they also perform well. Because of their modest height and density, the items are resistant to wear and deformation, do not fade, and are simple to clean at home. Kasmir carpets allow you to express your creativity and create one-of-a-kind interiors!

Vintage-style rugs
If you want to buy a high-quality acrylic rug in a vintage style, Nuans carpets will be one of the greatest buys in Dubai in terms of price and quality. They are soft and pleasant to touch, making them excellent for use in the bedroom, living room, or study. The collection’s vast spectrum of colours is made in stunning natural shades, allowing the fashionable Turkish Nuans carpets to fit into any classic and modern home. Enjoy the warm comfort of the soft acrylic bristles while being stylish with the Nuans range!

Classic Rugs
The Agnus line features superb Polish-made woolen carpets in a sumptuous traditional style. A particular production process allowed Agnus to be as comparable to old hand-made carpets as possible. Agnus rugs, with their rich color palette and creative motifs, fit seamlessly into any home, creating a polished and enchanting ambiance. If you want to acquire a thick wool rug with a gorgeous design and good performance, look into the Agnus series.

The Cardinal collection is one of the nicest traditional carpets available. Customers have come to love and trust these Ukrainian-made carpets because of their exceptional ratio of high quality and low cost. The collection includes bold, classic designs in stylish colors. Cardinal carpets will serve you for many years due to their dense synthetic pile of medium length, which is unpretentious to use, does not fade, and is easy to clean. The products are ideal for use in a bedroom, living room, hallway, or office setting.

Lint-free carpets
Devos Caby’s Belgian Natura napless carpet collection embodies harmony, minimalism, and stylish geometric designs. Natura DC carpets are essential in high-traffic and dirt-prone rooms and will become a beautiful and, more importantly, functional interior element. Feel free to place Natura dc in the hallway, kitchen, veranda, or corridor; you will remember dirty and cold floors! Garbage does not spread around the room’s perimeter and is easily collected from the Natura DC carpet’s dense, lint-free surface. The collection’s color scheme consists of grey, beige, and brown tones that complement any interior.

Lint-free rugs
The Kolibri collection’s colorful rugs are ideal for a nursery or kindergarten. Kolibri, manufactured at the Ukrainian Karat factory, is distinguished by its low price and high quality. A medium-length synthetic pile is unpretentious to use, does not fade, is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, does not cause allergies, and is simple to maintain. The collection includes children’s carpets with cartoon characters, as well as popular playmats “road” and “football field”. Furthermore, the colorful Kolibri models are exported to countries in the European Union and Asia, demonstrating their quality and competitiveness in the carpet weaving industry. If you decide to buy a nursery carpet, consider the Kolibri collection to add warmth, coziness, and comfort to the child’s room!

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