Outdoor furniture cover care tips for the residents of Dubai


Out door furniture creates that natural feel and comfort in any exterior design no matter the size of the layout it is applied to; may it be a garden, balcony, or patio. PPP from another angle, in a place of the geographical location like Dubai the sun is vibrant, and the temperature is high most of the time outdoor furniture is facing harsh conditions that cause damage over time. This is worthy of consideration because the reason people make investment on the furniture is to see its value go even higher into the future; and one way to achieve this is by having a cover over the furniture. To effectively manage outdoor furniture covers in conditions of Dubai, it is useful to follow some recommendations.

Choosing the Right Covers

It is therefore crucial to take time and choose the right covers for your outdoor furniture covers dubai, considering the following points. Select material that is cosy and can withstand tests of time and weather by going for polyester or vinyl covers. These materials are waterproof, ultraviolet light protection against sun, dust and sand, all of which are characteristic of the weather in Dubai. Also, ensure the covers are permeable to allow air circulation; this will prevent the buildup of moisture on the exteriors, which can foster bacterial and fungal growth.

Proper Storage

Outdoor furniture covers can be used in different ways depending on the weather condition or sometimes when not in a use it is also important to store them in the right manner. Fold them neatly and fold them properly then put them on a dry place, preferably an area that is free from direct sunlight. Finally, do not cover your fresh fruits and vegetables with a plastic bag or put them inside a plastic container as this is well known to allow moisture build up resulting to molding. He recommended that instead of storing them in plastic containers or sealed bags, people should store the covers in breathable bags or containers so that the covers do not get affected by the moisture in the bags or containers but are kept ready for use when needed.

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning is important in regard to the state of the fabric of the outdoor furniture covers, and doing this frequently is beneficial especially if it is done in a dusty place such as Dubai. This should be done occasionally with the cleanest lukewarm water and the mildest of detergents. Do not use bleach or other harsh chemicals or ammonia-based products since they can harm the upholstery. Wash the covers with warm water using a soft brush or sponge and make sure that the material is washed off well then dried in the open then packed.

Protecting Against Sun Damage

Due to the scorching heat experienced in Dubai, the articles are prone to fading, discoloration, or general degradation of the patio furniture covers in uae. As you are still on the look to find covers that will suffice your needs a heads up is to go for those with UV coated or even those that you can spray with UV repellents. Furthermore, when the barbecue covers are idle, ensure they do not come in direct contact with the sun or, if that is impossible, ensure the covers are properly stored in a cover stand.

Securing the Covers

Tropical storms are frequent in the area since Dubai is located in a region that experience strong winds particularly during some periods of the year. To avoid running after your outdoor furniture covers and worrying about them flying away in harsh winds or even deteriorating, there is the necessity of securing them properly. Bring straps, ties, or drawstrings to wrap the covers closely around the furniture in their proper places. However, it may be wise to go for covers that with zippers or elastic hems so that they can close properly.

Inspecting for Damage

Treat your outdoor furniture covers as you would your clothes and make a habit of checking for rips, splits, and worn-out seams at least every month. If there are broken parts, fix them before they get irreparable, especially when there is dry rot. For more intense harm, it may be appropriate to change the covers entirely, this will ensure that your outdoor furniture is covered for the next use.

Seasonal Maintenance

Dubai, like the rest of the Middle Eastern region, has characteristic four seasons of the year with very hot summer and relatively cold winter. In this regard, you should apply alterations to the ush furnishings cover cleaning habits. Therefore depending on the climate, make sure that the covers are safe from the sun and high temperatures during the summer season. To help the covers last through other seasons, remember to only wash them when dirty and ensure they are dried up in colder winter periods to avoid invites of mold and mildew.

Professional Cleaning and Repairs

If your outdoor furniture covers are a bit stained or damaged, you might want to consider hiring a cleaning service or an upholsterer for your needs. It goes without saying that they know all the tricks for properly cleaning and washing outdoor furniture covers, as well as for their further washing, sanitation, maintenance, and restoration if necessary, and all of this with the help of professional equipment.


It is ultra important to have furniture covers outside as they help to shield outdoor furniture from the harsh climatic conditions and especially in a place such as Dubai. With those care tips in mind, it is easy to maintain that they are durable, clean and functional thus extending the usability of your outdoor furniture and the beauty of the place where they serve. As we have noted, your outdoor furniture covers will only be effective if well maintained, to ensure they are durable enough to stand the harsh weather conditions in Dubai.

Outdoor furniture cover care tips for the residents of Dubai